Welcome, dear readers, to the Fall 2015 issue of SquareTwo! The full table of contents can be found on our archives page here.

We'd like to announce two new editorial board members: Neylan McBaine, founder of the Mormon Women's Project and author of Women at Church, has joined our board, and B. Kent Harrison, emeritus professor of Physics and Astronomy at BYU, is our new book review editor. Welcome to both!

First up for the Fall 2015 issue, since the Church has made Heavenly Mother doctrinal by publishing an essay on her on the lds.org website, Kayla Bach wonders if it isn't time to revisit the Young Women Theme. After all, shouldn't young women be the first to recognize that they have a Heavenly Mother who loves them and they love her?

Second, V. H. Cassler explores third party reproduction practices, focused on surrogacy as well as egg and sperm donation. Might the LDS Church be justified in strongly discouraging all these practices? Might sealing practice with reference to surrogacy point to the reason why--a very feminist reason?

Third, Erik Linton calls upon us to consider what our fast-paced and technology-saturated lives have done to our ability to contemplate. What do we lose without a vita contemplativa?

Fourth, our book review editor B. Kent Harrison reviews The Hillary Doctrine: Sex and American Foreign Policy. Should the United States emphasize the empowerment of women in its foreign policy? How has it done so to date, and what have been the consequences?

Fifth, Melinda Fox wonders if LDS culture has finally reached its Betty Friedan moment--that is, do insights from Friedan's The Feminine Mystique, penned over 50 years ago, have application to questions Mormon women are wrestling with today?

Sixth, Alyssa Steed loves science fiction and fantasy--but she has some serious problems with its heroines. Steed discusses some of her favorite characters from contemporary TV and film, and explains what the writers got wrong--and what we owe our daughters.

Seventh, V. H. Cassler writes a retrospective film review on the 1976 film "Logan's Run." How could a film that is almost 40 years old be so prescient about our modern day? What can we take from the film that might be of use today?

And last but not least, we have several comments by our board members on the Summer 2015 Readers' Puzzle, which examined the LDS Church/Boy Scouts of America imbroglio. We believe you will find the comments most interesting, and hope you will submit your own views.

And as always, we offer a new Reader's Puzzle for the Fall 2015 issue: transgender use of women's restrooms and locker rooms in public schools. The Department of Education is threatening to strip Title IX funding from any public school district that does not allow such use. Is this the right policy? Is this the right approach? What do our readers think?


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