Welcome, dear readers, to the Spring 2013 issue of SquareTwo! The full table of contents can be found on our archives page here.

First, V. H. Cassler takes a look at the ordainwomen. org website. Is it really a feminist move to proclaim that women have no divine power or authority unless they receive it at the hands of men?

Second, we have a wonderful symposium on the new book by Adam Miller called Rube Goldberg Machines: Essays on Mormon Theology, including contributions by Miller, as well as Ralph Hancock, Jacob Baker, Joseph Spencer, and George Handley. Miller also responds to his discussants. As Handley puts it, is there a grace in "nothingness"?

Third, we have a classic essay on Zion and equality by the great LDS political philosopher, Alma Don Sorensen. What advice does the Book of Mormon offer on the change that takes place within the human heart that leads to Zion?

Fourth, we have a thought-provoking essay by S. Matthew Stearmer on what we do to ourselves and our spouses when we construct sex as a "need." Does this cultural construction lead to intimacy and unity in marriage, or does it lead away from them?

Fifth, we have several suggestions for the reform of the tax code, which subject was our Readers' Puzzle for the previous issue. Commentators suggested tinkering with everything from the home mortgage deduction to the child care credit . . .

Sixth, we have published two noteworthy comments by Joseph Stanford and Andrew Morales.

Finally we offer our Readers' Puzzle for the Spring 2013 issue: nearly every community and every neighborhood has been touched by the presence of those who suffer from mental illness. What is their accountability towards their actions? What is the accountability of people whose lives intersect theirs? Share those ideas with us, especially if you have had personal experience with these issues, and we'll publish them!

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