Welcome, dear readers, to a new issue of SquareTwo! Believe it or not, we are coming up on our 10th year anniversary! We have a thought-provoking issue for you, which we know you will enjoy. The full table of contents for the Spring 2017 issue can be found here.

First, Rachel Zirkle ponders the Benedict Option, or what might in the LDS community be called the Ether Option. It is a growing trend by religious folk to withdraw from a world that is perceived as increasingly unwilling to countenance their presence. Are Mormons justified in following this option? Should they follow this option?

Second, V. H. Cassler considers the new group Mormon Women for Ethical Government. While applauding the group’s desire to be actively engaged in the political process, Cassler wonders if MWEG faces some ethical dilemmas of its own.

Third, Roo Phillips explores the intricate relationship between faith and uncertainty. In a post-truth society, how can one’s faith remain unshaken?

Fourth, Emily Powers provides a film review of “Moana.” Not just another Disney movie, Powers asks how the story of Te Fiti and Te Ka has profound application to male:female relations today.

Fifth, Kent Harrison reviews Ted Koppel’s book Lights Out, published in 2015. Though written before the Russian hacking of DNC servers in last year’s election, the book is a timely tome on the dangers of cyberwarfare. How prepared is the US to face this threat?

Sixth, we have some excellent responses to our Readers’ Puzzle for Fall 2016, which asked readers what they thought should be high on the national priority list of newly-elected President Trump. Read what others think should be at the top of the agenda, and send us your own thoughts!

Finally, we have a new Readers’ Puzzle for Spring 2017: Does the US need a Parental Rights Amendment to the Constitution? One has been proposed, and we invite readers to investigate the pros and cons of such a legislative move, and weight in with their own thoughts.


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