Welcome, dear readers, to the Summer 2021 issue of SquareTwo! We have some exciting pieces for your reading pleasure.

First up, Valerie M. Hudson makes the case why mandated selective service for women is unfair. Her argument is not one about whether women are “fit” for such service, but whether such service places a double sacrifice on the shoulders of women.

Second, Steve Cranney says that he has “gradually come to realize that the Utah canopy of my childhood simply does not exist anymore. While I will always look with fondness on the enchantments of my childhood and the communal religion that undergirded it, and will be the first to recognize its charms, ultimately its disappearance is a good thing.” Cranney’s explanation makes for memorable reading.

Third, the Utah Women in Leadership Project surveyed 100 Utah companies in the Fall of 2020 about work flexibility policies and family-friendliness. In addition to adding to our knowledge of what policies are most common, the study also examined how satisfied businesses were about offering these types of policies. We think you will be interested in what they have found.

Fourth, Corey Wozniak—our favorite speculator—asks whether quantum physics suggests that all matter possesses intelligence and a type of life force. Nonsense, you say? Ah, but do you know what Brigham Young and other early leaders had to say on the topic? You won’t want to miss this article.

Fifth, Michael Huston reflects on why there is so much battle imagery in the scriptures, why that is understandable, and why it is in a sense lamentable. Huston writes, “the COJC has a message of hope and liberation, but it is not a hope that is best communicated through military imagery.” This is an essay well worth reading.

Sixth, B. Kent Harrison reviews the new compilation of the plays of Thomas F. Rogers, which is a great contribution to our faith community. Harrison zeroes in on some of Rogers’ most famous plays, including Huebener, Fire in the Bones, and Reunion. If you’ve never had the opportunity to see or read these plays, Harrison’s review is a great way to start.

Seventh, we have the penultimate installment of Charles Randall Paul’s review of Stephen H. Webb’s Jesus Christ, Eternal God: Heavenly Flesh and the Metaphysics of Matter. Paul wraps up his thoughtful review of Webb’s book in this piece, setting the stage for Webb’s response, which will appear in the Fall 2021 issue.

Eighth, we have several excellent responses to our Readers’ Puzzle from the Spring issue, where we asked your thoughts about the “rumors of war” here in the United States. We have some excellent responses by editorial board members, and would like to hear from our readers as well.

Ninth, we have a new Readers’ Puzzle on the fall of Afghanistan, particularly our hasty evacuation from Kabul, in August 2021. We have been riveted by these unfolding developments, and we ask our readers to reflect on their meaning and its moral.

Last, don’t forget our companion blog, The Latterday Crone, penned by our own V.H. Cassler. She is trying an experiment of blogging every few days, also with real-time commenting. Check it out for more of the SquareTwo experience you enjoy, now on a more frequent basis!

Enjoy this fine new issue of SquareTwo!

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