Editors' Introduction, Spring 2010

Editorial Board, SquareTwo

SquareTwo, Vol. 3 No. 1 (Spring 2010)






As an editorial board, we've decided to start a tradition of introducing each new issue of SquareTwo to our readership. We're pleased to tell you about the Spring 2010 issue, which includes several articles that may be of interest to you.

First up is Ryan Decker, who's our candidate for the Paul Krugman of Mormondom. Decker takes on the contentious issue of financial sector regulation, and offers several principles for discriminating between useful and ill-conceived plans. Does he like Senator Dodd's proposed legislation? Read it to find out.

Next is a co-authored piece by Janille Shumway Stearmer and Lynn Zaritsky, which tackles the controversial issue of public civility in political discourse. While our General Authorities have laid down clear guidelines regarding the maintenance of that civility, radio talk show hosts who are very popular with LDS audiences flout those guidelines daily. What's a good LDS fan of Glenn Beck to do?

Third is one of the most beautiful essays we've been privileged to publish here at SquareTwo. It's by Analiesa Leonhardt, who helps us to recast the international issue of egregiously high maternal mortality rates into the spiritual issue it really is. Leonhardt does so by providing a exegesis of scripture concerning the earthly ordinance of birth. We promise that you will never think about birth the same way after reading this eloquent article.

Following that is V. H. Cassler's investigation of LDS doctrine concerning polygamy. Noting the recent controversies over the FLDS, as well as continuing drama in Canada, Cassler asserts that it is time to understand what LDS doctrine concerning polygamy is--and is not. This article has appeared in print before, but this is the first time it has appeared online. Enjoy!

Our final essays are both book reviews. Janille and Matthew Stearmer review the book, Encouraging Heterosexuality: Helping Children Develop a Traditional Sexual Orientation, by Douglas A. Abbott and A. Dean Byrd. Can parents orient their children towards heterosexuality?  And if so, how would they go about doing this?  Kevin F. Smith introduces a new biography of Nathan Hale by the noted crime author M. William Phelps. Smith actually writes to Phelps, asking him why a biography of Hale, and why now. Read his answer in Smith's review.

We are always on the lookout for good submissions from our readers. The deadline for submission to make it into the Summer 2010 issue is July 1st. We also look forward to any comments you might have on the Spring issue; all comments are reviewed before being posted. Contact us at squaretwojournal@yahoo.com regarding submissions and comments. We hope you enjoy the Spring issue!


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